Latest Men’s Styling Tips & Tricks

By on Jan 8, 2017 in Mens Fashion |

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When it comes to men’s fashion, you may feel as if you have no idea what you can possibly do in order to look nice and still be comfortable. So here are a few tips and tricks that help to keep you both comfortable—and still as stylish as possible. Men’s fashion isn’t hard—staying comfortable in it is!

Modern Guy

First of all, if your shirt or customized t shirt  is really warm and really uncomfortable, try wearing linen or any other light fabrics. While cotton is a nice, breathable fabric, there are many better alternatives that you may want to wear instead. Try to search around and research what you can find.

Next, if you find yourself sweating a lot, you can use corn starch in conjunction with lighter clothing or you can use it with clothing that is a bit heavier. Corn starch has no smell and helps to whisk away any sweat that might seep through your clothes. It works as an anti-perspirant and can be used in conjunction with your deodorant.


Next, wear pants that fit you well—and never wear girls’ pants. It doesn’t matter if skinny jeans are in and you’re at a loss because you can’t find any for guys—never wear girls’ pants. They are sewn differently to accommodate the different body shapes of both boys and girls.

Also, if you want to quickly get wrinkles out of a tee shirt or another shirt or pants and you don’t have time (or just don’t know how) to iron, you can quickly do so by just throwing the clothing for ten or so minutes.

Apart from these tips when it comes to men’s fashion, one common mistake that they make is not knowing how to put together an outfit. Let’s face it—if you know how to put together an outfit, you are able to go to a job interview and hopefully get said job, you’re able to go on a date and have the girl complement you on your style, and various other situations. So how do you do it?

Casual But Stylish Outfit for Men

First of all, look at what you plan on wearing. Try and look online to see how to match things—this is an important skill. Once you know how to match things, you need to take the time to look them over beforehand. For example, if you have a shirt with stains on it—it either needs to be tossed or it needs a trip to the washing machine. Or, if you have the time, do it that second.

Casual Style for Guys

Next, is the shirt or pants wrinkly? Toss it in the dryer for about ten minutes—you don’t have to iron them, but that will help them to gain back their shape.

Formal Style for a Modern Man

Finally, get your outfits together beforehand. Let’s face it—if you have an outfit that is really, really important (such as a wedding, interview, anything like that), you need to have it ready to go. Men’s fashion is easy to follow—but getting your clothes ready can be a particularly difficult task. Finally, don’t worry if you are following all of the men’s fashion trends—just make sure you’re covered!