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By on Aug 9, 2015 in Fashion News |

The fashion industry never sleeps, and that is precisely the reason why news from it never seem to stop. Well, we will try to bring you some of the most important news from this industry, and let you enjoy them and get inside this world. So, let’s start listing them, shall we? It appears that Taylor Swift wasn’t the best dressed person on this year’s International Best Dressed List, which came as a shock to some people. She did come second, but some people felt that she deserved the first place; but when they saw the first one, everything became clear to them. This Vanity Fair’s list was topped by Samantha Cameron, whose look was described by many as a form of conservative charm, which is something that looks great on her. Besides these two, other people who found their way on this list include Misty Copeland, who occupied the third place; Sophie, the countess of Wessex, who occupied the fourth place; and Amal Clooney, who occupied the fifth place on this list of best dressed people. This September issue of Vogue is already creating a buzz in the fashion industry, but not just because of its content, but because of all the start that appear in it. They include a special message from Emma Watson, as well as some of the most influential people in the fashion industry. This issue of this magazine will also reveal all the secrets about the autumn fashion, and will, of course, tell women what to expect from the fashion world in the days to come. It’s already been 15 years sing the founding of a non-profit designer scheme called Fashion East. This scheme was launched in 2000 by Lulu Kennedy, and it deals with nurturing the talents that are emerging all over the world. This anniversary is marked by three names in the fashion industry – Richard Malone, Caitlin Price, as well as This Is The Uniform. This scheme will try to shine some light on these names that are yet to make it in the world of fashion, but great things lie ahead of them. If you think that Yahoo! is just a software company, you are very wrong. Well, it might have been some time age, but this company has started branching out and expanding to many other industries. Such is the case with the latest move by this company that has decided to purchase an online shopping service called Polyvore for no less than 230 million US Dollars. This has not yet been officially confirmed, but everything seems to pint that this is happening, and that this software giant is moving into fashion’s turf a bit closer. Let’s just put a reminder here that this company has already set one foot in the world of fashion by publishing a digital magazine called Yahoo! Style. The CEO of Yahoo! Marissa Meyer believes that this move would help the company get a much better relationship with some of the leading brands in the world of fashion, and that they could start linking with them through their online...